Pros and Cons of Online Education

Pros and Cons of Online Education
Use whatever tools you can—from EXAMgen’s question banks to an extra cup of coffee—to lighten the workload and enjoy these last days of working remotely in your pajamas.

Avoid Home-Made Distractions When Learning At Home

Avoid Home-Made Distractions When Learning At Home
Between claustrophobia, boredom, and distractions, learning remotely has its own unique set of challenges. But with a few simple changes, you can keep young minds more engaged.

Teachers are Making History, and We're Here to Help

Many teachers are finding their rhythm for school this fall with help from EXAMgen for test and exam creation software
Teacher resources like EXAMgen are a tremendous help for making assignments and test creation easy. This fall, whether socially distanced on-site learning, exclusively online, or a hybrid of both, students can start to reestablish their routine schedule of classes, homework, grades, and weekends.

Common Core's Winding Path

EXAMgen aligns with Common Core State Standards
Our education system looks for tools to make learning consistent nationwide so that no-one is left behind. In recent years, this was through the use of Common Core State Standards.

Fearlessly Face the SAT and ACT

EXAMgen helps teachers prepare their students for the SAT and ACT
In high school, tests like the SAT and ACT are a vital part of the graduation process but with a little help, they’re no scarier than walking across the stage in front of family and friends to receive your diploma.

EXAMgen Helps Teachers Prepare Students Despite Test Anxiety

EXAMgen helps tackle test day anxiety
Test day anxiety can cripple students and cause lower than capable test scores. EXAMgen offers some helpful tricks to fighting back against the monster that is self-doubt and anxiety.

EXAMgen’s Question Banks Can Help Prepare Your Students For Success in the New Year.

EXAMgen's question banks help prepare your students for success
National standards put pressure on teachers across America to ensure their students hit the common core testing benchmarks. At EXAMgen, we’re providing solutions to aid teachers in ensuring their students' success.