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Who is EXAMgen?

EXAMgen is the leading publisher of quality test question banks for high school, middle school, and elementary school teachers in math, science, history, and social studies. Our test generator allows you to create professional quality exams, quizzes, and homework in minutes. Our question banks are organized by topics and standards, so finding the questions you need and creating classroom material is fast and easy.

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Better Question Banks, a Better Test Generator

Examgen Online gives teachers the resources they need to create professional quality exams, quizzes, and homework in minutes, saving them time and effort. Common Core question banks allow you to quickly match questions with relevant standards. And because your files are stored in the cloud, you won't have to move and keep track of them as you work on different computers.

I use EXAMgen so frequently and cannot imagine life without it. I teach Physics and Calculus.

Patrick Picou, Samuel Tilden HS

I wouldn't know what to do without access to all the Social Studies questions of Examgen. They have helped me tremendously.

Kevin Alberne, Edward Knox HS, NY

Easy to use! After over 10 years of using Examgen, it is a must-have in my Chemistry program.

Larry Schrio, Williamsville East HS, NY

"Your Examgen software in Global and U.S. History is a Godsend. I thank you for making it. I believe that it has made the lives of teachers easier. It certainly has made mine."

Frank Tomkin, SS Teacher

I have used your testing material for years and I am proud to say that in using your program my test scores have been the highest in my county for years as well as surrounding counties. Your program provides the rigor and needed cognitive skills in order to be successful. I fully support this program and highly recommend your product. Thanks for all that you and your team do that makes this program easy for teachers.

S. Davis, Glynn County Schools, GA

“I found the questions very much in line with the instructional goals established in my District. The bank of questions was abundant and this allowed for the creation of multiple assessments for the same concept. As a teacher, I found it to be a very useful tool...If you are a teacher looking for a tool to assist you in developing practice sheets/assessments aligned to the Common Core, I would recommend the EXAMgen resource.”

Dianne Sherman, Timberlane Regional Middle School