Student Component

EXAMgen is a simple and easy way to take exams online. Assessments can be used to deliver traditional classroom assessments, benchmarks or simply to deliver homework assignments, online exams with EXAMgen are convenient for both students and teachers. Exams are graded online automatically and by the teacher then delivered directly to the students to view their scores and feedback.


EXAMgen online assessments can be assigned & taken using a PC, laptop, iPad, tablet or any computing devices with a web browser. This solution has been developed to be student-friendly and easy to use. The assessment can be reassigned multiple times if desired.

When teachers create an online assessment, students are notified. Students can begin an Online Exam anywhere and anytime Students will see the start time, end time, and duration of the exam. After clicking the Take Test button, students can view the test duration and are able to start the test. Click Start Test Now to begin completing the test.

Pricing is based on student population. Please contact us for pricing quote: Request Form.