EXAMgen’s Question Banks Can Help Prepare Your Students For Success in the New Year.

Creating tests, homework, and study guides for students is easy with EXAMgenAs the year 2019 winds down, we begin thinking about how we can do better in the upcoming year. By now, teachers everywhere are yearning for the short break to reset their minds and maybe even reorganize their classrooms so that when kids return from their winter vacation, there will be a renewed sense of excitement and motivation to carry everyone through to Spring break and beyond.

At EXAMgen, we’re already projecting solutions to aid with the upcoming and all-important state testing that will be happening soon across the nation. At our very core, we want every child to succeed and every teacher to have the resources they need to ensure that they do.


National standards put pressure on teachers across America to ensure their students hit those benchmarks. Our question banks are designed to work with the standardized tests, making creating study questions, preparation homework, quizzes and tests infinitely valuable when it comes time to put their heads down for hours for their one shot at measurable success for the year, according to the standards.


Because our test questions directly align with questions the students may see on national standardized tests, teachers like to use our question banks to create study guides, flashcards, and quizzes in preparation for “the big dance” that is test day. One suggestion is to pick 4 questions that embody your Friday quiz and assign them as homework, one each day. When Friday comes, our system allows easy reconfiguration of the questions to make certain that they are not presented in the same order they were worked on throughout the week. Using this system consistently will be just the practice your students need to reach higher benchmark scores on their state testing.


Chrome books and G-Suite have become a standard across American classrooms, and we kind of like it. This platform opens a world of possibilities when it comes to student success. One of our favorite features of the G-Suite is the ability to create forms. Our questions can easily be copied and pasted into this program to create a clean, easy to use quiz, or weekly check-in to make certain your students understand the topics being discussed. If you haven’t used this feature, we highly recommend! There are a few settings you can use to customize your quiz so that you can grade individually, or simply collect data to see what percentage of your class is retaining the information. It’s a handy little tool that works well with our question banks!


It’s a glorious day when a teacher can come up with a system that works for them that can be used year after year. Our software saves your work so that you don’t have to start over every year. Mix it up a bit or keep it clean and simple. Sign up for a free trial here. There are solutions for however you'd like to do things. We got you.

EXAMgen Test Generator Software helps ensure Student Success in Common Core Testing