Earth Science
Earth Science
Earth Science
Earth Science

Earth Science

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Grade Level: 8-9
Number of Questions: 2,687
Number of Graphics: 1,212
Question Format: Multiple choice

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Examgen's Earth Science question bank contains a large amount of charts, maps, tables, lab setups, and other graphics that support the questions as well as give students visual reinforcements for analysis and critical thinking. The test generator software provided with the questions allows for quick and easy creation of exams, homework, and worksheets with customizable looks and formats. Multiple versions of the same exam can be created (scrambles question/answer order) for multiple classes. Chapters included in the Earth Science question bank are:

  • Observation and Measurement of the Environment
  • The Changing Environment
  • Measuring the Earth
  • Earth Motions
  • Energy in Earth Processes
  • Insolation and the Earth's Surface
  • Energy Changes in the Atmosphere
  • Moisture and Energy Budgets and Environment Changes
  • The Erosional Process
  • The Depositional Process
  • The Formation Process
  • The Dynamic Crust
  • Interpreting Geological History
  • Landscape Development and Environmental Change

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