American History
American History
American History
American History

American History

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Grade Level: 6-8
Questions: 6,989
Graphics: 369
Question Format: Multiple choice, free response, constructed response, who-am-I, vocabulary, matching, document-based, timeline, map-based, passages, and comprehensive essays

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Examgen's Intermediate American History question bank contains nearly 7,000 questions and covers essential middle school broad social studies topics such as geography, civics, and culture. Questions pinpoint realms within those broad ideas like The Responsibilities of the Citizen and the Role of Religions during European Colonization. These questions also help teachers engage students to make connections from the broad to the concise and vice versa. You'll never again have to spend hours searching for political cartoons, maps, or timelines to include in questions; we provide a large variety of these for you in the question bank! The Intermediate American History product also includes essay questions at the end of every chapter for your students to work on their critical analysis and history essay writing skills. This product comes with the Examgen test generator, saving you a significant amount time in creating a variety of different tests, homework sheets, worksheets, quizzes, etc. quickly and easily.

Here are some of the topics included in the American History question bank:

  • Onset and Events of the Civil War
  • Modern Civics and Citizenship
  • Military and Political Aspects of the American Revolution
  • The Cold War
  • Native American Indian Civilizations
  • Progressive Movement (1900-1920)
  • World War I
  • Social Patterns and Trends

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