EXAMgen Desktop Test Generator

Examgen is a test generator that allows teachers to create professional quality exams, quizzes, and homework in minutes.  Questions are organized by topics and subtopics in the purchased question bank, so finding the questions you need and creating an exam with the test generator software is fast and easy.


Video Tutorial

Watch to discover how easy it is to use Examgen. Add questions, format the look of exams, and edit questions in a flash!


Exam Printing

The Examgen test generator supports the following printing features:
  • multiple columns
  • stacked fractions and special scientific/mathematical symbols
  • different fonts and font sizes
  • preview the exam before printing
  • automatically reformats a question to fit into a column
  • make multiple versions of exams with scrambled question and/or answer order
  • multiple answer keys to match each exam version
  • print questions from different question banks in a single exam

Question Editing

Our editing features included in the test generator software allow you to copy and edit questions. You can change the wording, add or remove graphics, and add answer choices to a question. The amended questions will be saved in a "Personal Library" so you can use them again and again in your tests.

Supported Platforms

Examgen Desktop for Windows
  • Windows 2000/XP/NT/Vista/Win 7
  • At least 32 MB RAM
  • At least 5 MB HD space (plus additional space for question banks, 5-40 MB each)