8th Grade Common Core Math
8th Grade Common Core Math
8th Grade Common Core Math
8th Grade Common Core Math

8th Grade Common Core Math

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Grade Level: 8
Number of Questions: 3,600+
Number of Graphics: 1,000+
Question Format: Multiple choice, short answer, open-ended, multi-part, real-world application

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Our 8th Grade Common Core Math question bank is organized to the Common Core Math Standards for 8th grade and contains a variety of question styles and the best range of difficulty level in one product. By including easy, medium, and difficult questions, teachers can tailor exams for their needs, whether it be diagnostic exams, tutoring materials, or challenging advanced students. Test generator software comes with the questions to give teachers the tools they need to customize quizzes and tests. Questions can be edited or teachers can use the software to create their own library of questions. With over 3,500 total questions, educators will have the best variety possible.

In this question bank, an emphasis is placed on the Pythagorean Theorem, functions, and linear equations, while the open-ended, multi-part, and real-world application question styles are incorporated throughout each chapter. Student justification of answers can also be found in these questions in order to help students articulate to teachers how they came to their conclusions.

Here are some of the topics included in this question bank:

  • Rational Approximations of Irrational Numbers
  • Applying the Pythagorean Theorem and its Converse
  • Writing an Equation for the Line of Best Fit
  • Input and Output of a Function
  • Algebraic Solutions
  • Proportional Equations

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