Life Science

Life Science

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Grade Level: 6-8
Number of Questions: 7,296
Number of Graphics: 579
Question Format: Multiple choice, free response, true/false, vocabulary, extended response, fill in the blank, matching

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Examgen's Life Science question bank is for grades 6 through 8 science courses and contains over 7,000 questions. This is an excellent preparation tool for high school Biology and places emphasis on inquiry and application of knowledge. Minute Lab questions are included that allow students to read about experiments, analyze data tables, interpret graphs, and examine lab setups using the Scientific Method, which is very beneficial to teachers who have limited lab equipment. Key topics in the Life Science question bank include Cell Structure and Function, Systems of Classifying Living Things, Structures in Plants and Their Functions, Body Systems, Biotechnology, and Ecosystems.

The Examgen test generator program comes with the Life Science question bank and allows you to create worksheets, quizzes, and tests quickly and efficiently. With such a large quantity and variety of questions, you can create multiple versions of tests for different class periods and even create personalized tests for students who need extra tutoring.

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