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US History

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Grade Level: 9-11
Number of Questions: 2,315
Number of Graphics: 158
Question Format: Multiple choice, free response, constructed response, passages, and essays

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Our U.S. History & Government question bank contains 2,315 questions and covers broad ideas such as culture, civics, and reform. Questions pinpoint realms within those broad ideas like Pressures for Reform: Muckrakers and Progressives. You'll never again have to spend hours searching for political cartoons or maps to include in questions, as we provide a large variety of these for you in the question bank! The U.S. History & Government product also includes an entire chapter offering comprehensive essay questions on topics such as Immigration, Courts and Civil Liberties, and Foreign Policy for your students to work on their critical analysis and history essay writing skills. This product comes with the Examgen test generator, saving you significant time as a teacher and allowing you to create a variety of different tests, homework sheets, worksheets, quizzes, etc.

Some topics in the U.S. History & Government outline include:

  • Superpowers Struggle for Dominance
  • Onset of the Depression
  • World War I and United States Involvement
  • Civil Rights
  • Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10)
  • Demographics and Population Patterns

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