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Grade Level: 11-12
Questions: 5,834
Graphics: 1,074
Question Format: Free response, multi-step, and multiple choice

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Examgen’s Pre-Calculus question bank is a collection of over 5,800 questions focusing on advanced algebra and circular trigonometry topics. For the first time, Examgen can provide questions for the teaching of mathematical induction proofs, graphing parametric equations, and decomposition by the method of partial fractions. The Pre-Calculus question bank includes chapters covering the topics of conic sections, polar coordinates, vector algebra, matrix algebra, and theory of equations. Function theory, involving both algebraic and transcendental functions, is also incorporated throughout this question bank. A complete study of circular trigonometry is provided with an emphasis on graphing trigonometry functions and their inverses, along with trigonometric applications and solving trigonometric equations.

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