Math, Science, and Social Studies Question Banks for Texas

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Examgen offers Math, Science, and Social Studies question banks for Texas educators. Many of our questions match the TEKS for assessment documentation. A school building site license is included with each question bank, is a one-time fee, and enables all teachers in a building to use the product at school and at home.


TEKS Alignments

Download and install the latest TEKS alignments for your question banks. To activate standards in the Examgen program, please check our FAQ page for instructions.


Supplemental Question Banks

We offer annual supplements of questions to add onto your existing question banks.


Texas Spanish and Bilingual Question Banks

Examgen offers Bilingual (Spanish/English) question banks in Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, World History, US History, and High School Exit Level Math.  We offer a Spanish-only question bank for Basic Math.  For details, please check out our Spanish and Bilingual question banks page here.

English Language Arts Question Banks


Math Question Banks










Science Question Banks






Social Studies Question Banks