Biology, 3rd Edition

*Aligned to the TEKS*

Price: $699.00 (school building license)


Grade Level: 9-11

Number of Questions: 3,391

Number of Graphics: 340

Question Format: Multiple choice, free response, and passages

Order Code:  WB-01-0108-02

Our Biology question bank comes with 3,391 questions and 340 graphics.  We have aligned our Biology question bank to the TEKS selected for the STAAR assessment and differentiated between Readiness Standards, Supporting Standards, and Process Skills.

The first chapter, Laboratory Methods and Skills, covers Process Skills required for the STAAR assessment such as the Scientific Method, Lab Safety Practices, Biology Careers, and more.  Chapter four includes knowledge application questions on different aspects of human anatomy and physiology such as regulation, homeostasis, locomotion and support, and reproduction.  Our Biology question bank is appropriate for college entrance prep and advanced Biology classes in addition to high school Biology classes.

Other topics in the Biology question bank include:

  • Biomes
  • Food Chains and Webs
  • Biotechnology
  • Development of the Theory of Evolution
  • Body Systems (all)
  • Biology Structure and Maintenance in Plants/Animals
  • Taxonomy and Dichotomous Keys
  • Cellular Activities