New York Algebra 2/Trigonometry


Price: $699.00 (school building license)


Grade Level: 10-12

Number of Questions: 7,109

Number of Graphics: 1,262

Question Format: Multiple choice, free response, and multi-step

Order Code (to put on Purchase Order):  WB-02-0180-02


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Examgen's NY Algebra II and Trigonometry question bank is aligned to the New York State Standards for Algebra II and Trigonometry to better help your students to prepare for the New York State Regents exam as well as give students an understanding of key Algebra and Trigonometry concepts.  The question bank emphasizes function theory and also covers evaluation of functions, composition of functions, and the inverse of a function.  Functions are represented graphically, algebraically, and verbally.  Chapter 9 of the product addresses the topic of Sequences and Series by including both arithmetical and geometric sequences and series.  For the study of probability, empirical probability has been included, along with approximating binomial probability using the normal distribution.  Also, the chapter on Inequalities includes quadratic inequalities of two variables as well as rational inequalities.

Other topics in the NY Algebra II and Trigonometry question bank are:

  • Graphs and Equations of Trigonometric Functions
  • Scatter Plots and Line of Best Fit
  • Variations
  • Sum and Product of the Roots of Quadratic Equations
  • Numbers of a + bi Form
  • Multiple Operations on Rational Expressions