New York 5th Grade Math

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards


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Grade Level: 5

Number of Questions: 2,274

Number of Graphics: 1,139

Question Format: Multiple choice, free response, open-ended, multi-step


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Examgen's NY 5th Grade Math question bank covers Common Core State Standards for grade 5 math with even more questions for drill and practice.  Serving as both a testing and teaching question bank, our 5th Grade Math product provides teachers with extra questions for practice and tutoring along with questions appropriate for state assessments.  Open-ended and real world questions are included to help students develop critical thinking skills.  Examgen's superior graphics are abundant in this question bank and include charts, data graphs, geometric shapes, coordinate graphs, and more.

With questions varying in difficulty level, this question bank is perfect for tutoring students who need extra practice as well as challenging advanced students.

Here are a few of the topics covered in our NY 5th Grade Math question bank:


  • Analyzing Data
  • Converting Length Measurement Within a Given System
  • Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators
  • Classifying Triangles by Properties of Sides and Angles
  • Evaluating Perimeter Formula for Given Input Values
  • Creating Equivalent Fractions
  • Reading, Writing, and Ordering Decimals to Thousandths