New York Question Banks for English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies

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Examgen has been helping teachers in New York State since 1987.  Over the past 20 years, we have developed products specifically for the New York market and have customers in over 80% of the schools in the state.

New York City Schools

Please visit our NYC page for ordering and product information.


Give your students practice for the Regents Exams with Examgen's supplements, released annually.


Bilingual/Spanish Question Banks

Take a look at products we offer in English as well as Spanish!


Common Core State Standards Initiative

Many of our New York customers have been asking how we will be addressing the Common Core Learning Standards. Our consultants are closely examining our NY Math products to ensure they cover the requirements of the Common Core Learning Standards. Also, we are currently developing ELA products written specifically to the Common Core Learning Standards for elementary through high school grade levels. Please sign up here if you would like to be added to our email list to receive updates on our CCLS efforts.



English Language Arts Question Banks

Check out our ELA products specifically written to the ELA Common Core State Standards! Our 9th/10th grade and 11th/12th grade products are currently in development.





Math Science Social Studies

Math Question Banks

Our Math question banks are written to NY math standards and used in many New York schools to prepare the students for elementary and middle school state math assessments and Regents Exams. Our elementary math question banks cover Common Core State Standards!




  8th Grade Common Core Math





Science Question Banks

Examgen has thousands of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Earth Science questions for your tests and quizzes. Questions are in multiple choice as well as free response format. Examgen Science question banks are sought after because of their quality questions and graphics. Included in the question banks are scientific passages with accompanying inquiry-based questions for testing students' analytical skills. Our 5th Grade Science question bank includes writing prompts that cover Common Core State Standards for ELA!







Social Studies Question Banks

Our Social Studies question banks have thousands of questions with engaging graphics. The question banks contain many political cartoons, speeches, tables, and other question prompts that require students to think critically. Included are documents that require students to analyze historical excerpts, diagrams, or graphics and answer a series of questions based on the documents.